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Shenzhen TNE Technology Co., Limited

Shenzhen TNE Technology Co.,LIMITED was founded in 2010 and has two modern production bases with a total number of 800 employees. The main products are polymer lithium ion, lithium ion, lithium ion batteries, and produces chargers, flashlights, power bank, car jump starter and other related battery products, which can provide customers from the batteries to the finished product portfolio, a complete battery products, and fully meet customer requirements. Products are sold to the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Britain, France, etc.50 countries and regions, won the customer's trust and praise.
TNE Technology Co.,LIMITED believe that quality is the fundamental enterprise development, the company strictly in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 System requirements for the establishment and improvement of their quality assurance system, from raw material procurement , Raw material inspection, process control to finished product shipped, and so systematic, scientific practices to ensure stable and reliable product quality.
TNE Technology Co.,LIMITED adhere to humane management, employees as the company's most valuable resources, to uphold the staff to provide the best working environment and development space, to ensure that businesses and employees of common progress and development and achieve win-win situation; at the same time concerned about environmental protection and safety, contribute to the sustainable development of human society, highlight social responsibility.
Main Products: 18650 lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries, lithium battery electric vehicles, Segway lithium batteries, lithium batteries balancing machines, lithium batteries, lithium batteries medical equipment, industrial mobile lighting lithium batteries, power tools lithium battery, lithium battery industry supporting, testing equipment lithium batteries, lithium battery UPS, communication base stations and other types of lithium batteries lithium and lithium products.
TNE focus on the attitude and professionalism, through the tireless efforts and continuous technological innovation, to provide the world-class green energy, work together to create a green, low carbon, clean home.


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